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5 movies to watch for Valentine’s Day if you don’t love Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a bore. Forced romance, cheesy movies, lots of greeting cards and flowers. Ugh.

If you feel the same, and have decided to not brave the subzero temperatures for a candlelit dinner at an overpriced restaurant, here are a few movies you can watch on your couch in a pair of ugly pajamas. Forget “The Notebook” and “Pride and Prejudice.” These movies will entertain, and have at least have a little romance.

Annie Hall

There’s never a bad time to watch “Annie Hall,” in which Woody Allen’s Alvy dissects what went wrong with his relationship with Diane Keaton’s Annie.

Raising Arizona

Convenience store robbery and baby kidnapping have never made for a more intriguing love story. Plus, it’s the Coen Brothers, so it’s definitely not standard fare.

Harold and Maude

A suicide-obsessed 20-something romantically linked to a crazy 80 year old, set to music by Cat Stevens? I’m in.

When Harry Met Sally

Ok, this is a kind of romantic movie, but not really until the end. Watch for the wagon wheel scene alone.

High Fidelity

Oh, John Cusack, with your lists and breaking the fourth wall. This one’s for the music nerds among us.