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Amongst Few – New Wave Productions

We got our hands on Sony’s mini cinema camera, the PXW-FS5 XDCAM Super 35 4K camera or the Sony Fs5. Reading mostly positive reviews on the internet, including that of Philip Bloom, we were not disappointed either. The camera does what it’s supposed to, and beautifully. It shoots 8 bit 4k and 10 bit FullHD. It can record slowmotion in camera at 200 fps, 400fps and 800 fps. It has a global shutter, which is a big up compared to our present camera, the Sony A7s. The way the detachable Smart Grip is designed really makes it a pleasure to shoot handheld. The buttons on the side and the digital interface can take a little getting used to. Especially if you are used to the DSLR norm. Once acquainted, it can be really easy to use even on a run and gun shoot. It also has built in ND filters, the intensity of which you can choose from presets or variable. Switching picture profiles and slowmotion mode is also made easy with dedicated buttons on the side. Even though this was not a full fledged test, we were happy with what was in offer. Our priority was to decide if this can be a worthy replacement to our present A cam (the A7s). We think the A7s might make a move to being the B cam for us . :)

This test was shot with a Canon 24mm f/1.4L II USM lens attached with a metabones adapter. We also used the Edelkrone slider plus for some of that super slow tracking.

We thank amongst few for letting us shoot in their beautiful store and Light House Studio Dubai for renting us the camera.