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Author: Najeeb

Short Film: Points of Origin

In POINTS OF ORIGIN, an American radio host and his wife struggle to maintain their relationship through the tribulations of an outsourced pregnancy in India. The story follows New Yorkers RJ and Rosemary, who have been trying to have a baby for the past eight years. Surrogacy is their last chance to...

What’s the point of a director? – A video essay

Since a film's script contains instructions for everything that goes into the film why is the director's role considered so important? Surely whichever director adapts the script will do pretty much the same job? This video essay aims to show why that's not the case but why some of the oft-cited cliches about how...

The Fight (Teaser) – New Wave Productions

A short clip that was shot to be part of a documentary that we are working on, in collaboration with Round 10 Boxing Club, Dubai. Shot primarily with the Sony a7s with Slog and colour graded using FilmConvert. Music used: Papa's Got a Brand New Bag by James Brown...

Amongst Few – New Wave Productions

We got our hands on Sony's mini cinema camera, the PXW-FS5 XDCAM Super 35 4K camera or the Sony Fs5. Reading mostly positive reviews on the internet, including that of Philip Bloom, we were not disappointed either. The camera does what it's supposed to, and beautifully. It shoots 8 bit 4k and 10 bit FullHD....