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Remakes: A Side-By-Side Comparison

It’s really hard to make a good remake of a good movie. And yet Hollywood keeps on trying. Here is a lovely side-by-side comparison of famous movies and their not always so successful remakes. Jaume R. Lloret stitched similar scenes next to each other to show how movies can give off a...

Martin Scorsese on the Editing of Psycho

Martin Scorsese is one of our most cinematically intelligent directors. Not only has he seen almost every film ever made, but he seems to remember them, too, down to when and where he saw the film and what he took from it. In this clip, he discusses a certain cut in Alfred Hitchcock's...

Cinematography Techniques: Frame within a Frame

A well-composed frame within a frame can fracture screen space, add depth, and create visual interest in your cinematic compositions. Crafting a cinematic frame within a frame is easier than you think. By utilizing your shooting location and positioning your characters in the right spot, you can create a beautifully cinematic frame within a frame....

TICKY TACKY – Short Film

Bagging official selections at various film festivals across the globe, TICKY TACKY is a witty film about a powerful man who doesn't take the news of his cheating girlfriend lightly. Punchy performances by Oscar Isaac and child actor Julian Shatkin, makes this dark comedy short film deserving of the appreciations it has received. Written and...