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“the Nice Guys” first trailer

Any true movie nerd knows that Shane Black is the truth. There’s no reason to go through all of the reasons why at this very moment, but let’s name a few: Lethal Weapon, The Monster Squad, Last Action Hero, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The man can write and direct the hell out of an action movie...

Martin Scorsese’s Favorite….

Cinema as we’ve almost always known it — “Edison, the Lumière brothers, Méliès, Porter, all the way through Griffith and on to Kubrick”  — has “really almost gone.” So writes Martin Scorsese in his recent essay for the New York Review of Books, “The Persisting Vision: Reading the Language of Cinema.” He argues that traditional film...

BBC’s Top 10 Movies of 2015

10. Amy Amy Winehouse made only two albums, and by the time she died at 27, her descent into alcoholism and all sorts of other slovenly behaviour had been so covered by the media that you might think: how could a documentary about her have anything new to discover? But that’s what makes...

American Zoetrope & The American NewWave.

Today’s film industry, according to countless filmlovers around the globe, needs intrinsic changes to occur in order for Hollywood to shine again in all of its glory. Studios hold a desperate grip on projects that bring profit, often ignoring talented artists and original ideas in favor of tested audience-attracting franchises that go...