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Film Review

Arrival – Movie Review – Why are they here?

Dennis Villeneuve is becoming more and more mainstream as time passes, which is exciting news for both Cinephiles and Moviegoers. If one were to judge his filmmaking style based on his previous films, one would not expect a Science Fiction film to pop as a future possibility. Having said that, it is...

Electric Love – Nerve (2016)

Film’s fascination for destruction of humankind by the cold grips of technology is something that doesn't need much of a pretext. It’s a tried and tested recipe that’s produced numerous hits and even more misses in the most imaginative ways possible. In the recent years, however, a more relevant source of relatable horror...

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001

The year 1968, also referred to as '2001' was a groundbreaking year for cinema. the five synth notes that play out the title track promises nothing short of an epic. Oh, and what an epic it was! crafted to perfection by the pioneer: King Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick produced, directed and co-wrote this film...

Sweet emotion: A ‘Dazed and Confused’ review

By Thomas Jose for New Wave Productions Classic cars, stolen Kiss statues, and good ol’ bat licks. That’s what we got when Richard Linklater tried to make an anti-nostalgic film, and in his own words, “(I) just couldn’t, even though I had characters in the movie saying that the 70s suck” portray the crazy(hazy)...