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How to do Action Comedy: A Video Essay

Who doesn't love a good action comedy? Men in Black. Charlie's Angels. Bad Boys. Rush Hour. TMNT of 1990. Come on -- they're classics. They pair perfectly with pizza and a dragging Sunday afternoon. However, there's a lot more to these high-octane chuckle fests than explosions and perfectly timed one-liners. Beneath the thin layer of what seems...

Film Talk with Mike Leigh

John Doran meets the critically acclaimed British director and hero of the kitchen-sink drama to explore the motivations and artistic method behind Mike Leigh's classics. Through his films about ordinary people Leigh has a knack for capturing the socio-political zeitgeist of difficult times in British history. Is the apocalyptic nature of Leigh’s...

The Making Of “The Godfather”

What was the formula that made The Godfather one of the most successful films of all time? Surely it would take an unusually harmonious combination of talents working in concert, a rare balance of commercial entertainment and artistic challenge, a run of luck those involved couldn’t miss. But all wasn’t plain sailing on...

So Similar Yet So Different

Ryan Gosling’s Driver and Jake Gylenhaal’s Lou Bloom. Both loners. Outsiders. Men who abide by a very strict and unwavering code. One a stoic, the other a chatty, ambitious lunatic. And, as this new supercut, titled “Driving at Night,” points out, both are men who navigate the neon-ensconced nighttime streets of Los Angeles for their own strange,...

Sergio Leone: The Way I see Things

While he may have never won an Oscar, Sergio Leone was a filmmaking titan. Not only did he redefine the western genre with influential films like "Fistful Of Dollars" and "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," his final film saw him deliver a sweeping epic in the shape of "Once Upon...

The Ed Wood Story

Filmmaker and novelist Ed Wood is famous for his low-budget films of the 1950s like Plan 9 From Outer Space, which are celebrated today as sheer camp. As a child, Ed Wood loved movies and eventually found a job as a cinema usher. He got his first movie camera at 17. After serving...