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The Photography of Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges has been doing movies almost all his life. His first screen appearance was at the age of almost 2 years in The Company She Keeps (1951). He is 66 now and is still as charming and powerful an actor as he has always been. He took interest in photography at a young...

What’s the point of a director? – A video essay

Since a film's script contains instructions for everything that goes into the film why is the director's role considered so important? Surely whichever director adapts the script will do pretty much the same job? This video essay aims to show why that's not the case but why some of the oft-cited cliches about how...

Who really wrote CITIZEN KANE?

Orson Welles dominates Citizen Kane. He produced, directed, and starred in it, and his overpowering presence both on and off screen has often overshadowed the fact that the film was actually the result of a successful collaboration between some of the greatest minds in Hollywood at that time. The greatest controversy is...

Christopher Doyle – The Rock Star of Cinematography

As seen on NoFilmSchool DP Christopher Doyle is unique, to say the least. From his philosophy to the way he answers questions in interviews, everything that Christopher Doyle does is brutally honest and uncompromising, especially when it comes to cinematography. In yet another fantastic breakdown, wolfcrow's Sareesh Sudhakaran explains a variety of techniques Doyle used on films...