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Watch: The Art of Slow Motion in Film

Film References: 0:00 - 127 Hours (Boyle, 2010) 0:05 - Wild Strawberries (Bergman, 1957) 0:08 - The Hudsucker Proxy (Coen, 1994) 0:15 - The Matrix (Wachowski, 1999) 0:21 - Born on the Fourth of July (Stone, 1989) 0:23 - The Watchmen (Snyder, 2009) 0:27 - Transformers (Bay, 2007) 0:29 - The Wild Bunch (Peckinpah, 1968) 0:32 - Hard Boiled (Woo, 1992) 0:34...

‘Life is one string of character-defining moments’ – Steven Spielberg to Harvard Graduates

By Rick Marshall Digital Trends One of Hollywood’s most accomplished filmmakers dropped by one of America’s most prestigious schools last week to speak to its current class of graduates, and his speech is — like everything he’s created — something well worth watching. Steven Spielberg provided the commencement speech for Harvard University’s graduating class on...

How Does an Editor Think and Feel? – Every Frame a Painting

"For the past ten years, I’ve been editing professionally. Yet one question always stumps me: “How do you know when to cut?” And I can only answer that it’s very instinctual. On some level, I’m just thinking and feeling my way through the edit. So today, I’d like to describe that process:...

20 Famous directors on Filmmaking

Abbas Kiarostami “I never reflect or convey that which I have not experienced myself.” David Fincher “What you learn from that first, and I don’t call it ‘trial by fire,’ I call it ‘baptism by fire,’ is that you are going to have to take all of the responsibility, because basically when it gets right...