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100 Years/100 Shots

Filmmaker Jacob T. Swinney compiled 100 iconic shots (in his opinion) from each year of the past 100 years of cinema in this absolutely stunning video. "While many of these shots are the most recognizable in film history, others are equally iconic in their own right. For example, some shots pioneered a style or...

Film Review: Born to Be Blue

By Peter Travers Rollingstone Ethan Hawke brings Chet Baker — the "James Dean of jazz" — back to life. Everything that makes Ethan Hawke an extraordinary actor — his energy, his empathy, his fearless, vanity-free eagerness to explore the deeper recesses of a character — is on view in Born to Be Blue. Hawke plays...

72 Behind The Scenes Photos From Classic Hollywood

Take a look on set during the making of classic movies and TV shows. Click on image below to see album: [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full" ids="59350,59349,59351,59352,59353,59354,59355,59356,59357,59358,59359,59360,59361,59348,59362,59363,59364,59365,59366,59367,59368,59369,59370,59371,59372,59373,59374,59375,59376,59377,59378,59379,59380,59381,59382,59383,59384,59347,59346,59345,59344,59343,59342,59341,59340,59339,59338,59337,59336,59335,59334,59333,59332,59331,59330,59329,59328,59327,59326,59325,59324,59323,59322,59321,59320,59319,59312,59311,59310,59309,59308,59307"]...

The Expert Use of Color in Films by Guillermo del Toro

By H. Perry Horton OnePerfectShot Del Toro’s entire career has been vividly rendered in shades of such depth and shape they’re practically walking around. Hellboy isn’t just red, he is the burnt brick hue of a smoldering inferno; Blade isn’t just drenched in dark blue, the color is a cowl he wears like a...

So How Does Analog Film Work Anyway?

By Bryan Menegus Even though it contains some of the most memorable images in human history, how many of us really know how film actually works? Let’s break it down to the components. First, those little holes along the side of film strips are called perforations (perfs for short). The sprockets inside cameras and projectors...