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Short film: On days like these we must surf

On the surface of what looks like a beautiful black and white montage, this short film has a lot more going for it. To place this short in context, the film is based on a surfing community that surfs the great Lakes. Yes, surfing in the lake, an idea which sounds impossible to begin with. The director of the film, Jake Kovnat is a surfer himself who started surfing with this community in 2015. The inspiration for this short came from Larry Cavero who has been the community’s leader, of sorts.

On days like these we must surf.


Let’s take a moment and talk about short films in general. Short films are a much more recent phenomenon than the traditional feature length films. And thanks to the DSLR revolution and exhibition platforms like Vimeo there exists a legitimate sub-culture that specialise in just making shorts.

Shorts have been getting experimented with left, right and centre and what makes it interesting in particular is their formatting. They are not as restrained as feature length films and when it comes to structural style, the lack of time actually works in their favour.

Eight minutes is enough time for this film to sell you on it’s story. While the short and focussed narration lets the viewer gather very specific information about the surfing scene, the mesmerising visuals of waves crashing and surfers in action gives enough room for the mind to wander. After repeated viewings you come to realise that it’s a great observational piece because only someone who has closely watched the action can come up with such visuals. The cinematographer interestingly is an extreme sports enthusiast which totally adds up.on-days-like-these-we-must-surf-2