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Dunestorm – New Wave Productions

NWP films presents a new short video piece DUNESTORM paying homage to the works of George Miller’s Mad Max universe. Set in the iconic trails of Fossil Rock, UAE. We take you on a immersive adrenaline fuelled ride that pushes you through the dangerously sloping dunes that parallel the vast expanse of the film’s landscape.

To put things into perspective, we need to make it clear that this was a test of the iPhone 7 and the DJI Osmo mobile under non-ideal shooting circumstances. It was all shot while driving a manual transmission Land Rover Defender; right hand working the gear and the steering wheel and the left hand operating the DJI.


How did the two products perform?

The DJI app gives you the option of filming using full manual settings. Due to limited hands and fast action, we had to settle for the auto option, which set 720p as the default resolution. Hence, we couldn’t uncover the full potential of the phones camera.

Keeping the rule of thirds in mind, we used the trigger button on the DJI to lock the angle which turned out to be the best option for us. But at higher speeds of 30Kmph and above, there were some vibrations. Joystick manoeuvring was slow too because of the wind.

Right now, It’s safe to say that when four Defenders and a Wrangler meet for an early morning run in the wild, quite the dune storm is brewed.

Those glitches have a secret hidden within it by the way. Blink and you’ll miss it.