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DINNER AT LOUIS’ RESTAURANT – A script to screen analysis of The Godfather by Glass Distortion.


Dinner at Louis’ is probably one of the most memorable scenes from the classic The Godfather. The silent surprise that is Michael Corleone, is almost fully revealed by the end of this iconic scene. The viewers are dropped into red hot tension as the tempo slows down as “time freezes”. The eager voice of Francis Ford Coppola excitedly tells us what happens on screen, or rather the script.

It’s a bit confusing as the script to screen translation is precise to the last bloody T.

This video throws a beam at this fine piece of film making; and very finely so. It starts off with the familiar dinner scene, but on the bottom half, we see some type — written words that is silently describing the scene and voila!, the script has joined the video to take us through the scene that we thought we knew so darn well.

Coppola’s voice and the text alongside it. Two added layers of genius.

Let’s notice the style in which this piece adorns itself. The characters of the scene are introduced in a subtle video game aesthetic. very technicolour – noir with handwritten font. As the video plays, we learn so much more on the techniques chosen by the great names attached to the film. Hell, he even comments on how Hitchcock would compose the very scene.

It’s something new, it’s something noteworthy and it’s definitely one of the coolest scene analysis.

Now uncork that Cavit wine, watch this video and try the veal. It’s the best in the city.