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How to do Action Comedy: A Video Essay

action movie

Who doesn’t love a good action comedy? Men in Black. Charlie’s Angels. Bad Boys. Rush Hour. TMNT of 1990. Come on — they’re classics. They pair perfectly with pizza and a dragging Sunday afternoon.

However, there’s a lot more to these high-octane chuckle fests than explosions and perfectly timed one-liners. Beneath the thin layer of what seems like a whole lot of simplistic entertainment lies carefully crafted choreography, dynamic editieng, and engrossing character development.

Tony Zhou of  Every Frame a Painting breaks down several aspects of filmmaking that Chan has spoken about over the years, compiling them into a bit of a checklist for filmmakers to follow if they should ever get the urge to send 20 henchmen flying over an unfinished bridge in a van full of exploding illegal fireworks — in a funny way.