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Mavic Pro in the Dunes

Good things do come in small packages.

We had to wait a few months until we received the Dji Mavic. It was an emotional rollercoaster for us since we clicked the buy now button. At first we were excited, then a month passed and we received an email saying that our shipment was delayed. Another month have passed and no DJI Mavic. The day came when we wanted to cancel the order and get a refund but to our surprise the DJI was at the customs awaiting clearance.

Enough about that. Now let’s talk about this amazing machine. I would like you guys to keep in mind that flying a drone is new to us. The Mavic is the first drone we own or have operated. I will keep it simple as we are still learning all its capabilities.

Flying the drone: Easy. It has a beginners mode which does exactly what you would think it would.

Tracking: It’s what we loved the most about the Mavic. Like our Dunestorm video, this was also filmed by the same person driving the Jeep while simultaneously operating the drone.

Battery life: The extra battery we received with our order and the car charger was all we needed.

We used a 16GB memory card with low bitrate. This limited the footage quality. We highly recommend getting a faster card before your 1st flight.

All the clips were shot on full auto mode on 4k as well as 720p. When it came to editing, we downscaled the 4k clips to the 1280×720 sequence. Not much of a quality loss we must say. Since it was shot on all auto with standard colour profiles, we decided to flatten the images first using the LUTs Pack by IWLTBAP. After resetting the image to its neutral state and matching the clips, we used the C-8010-LOG LUT from the same LUTs pack to grade the video.

As for the stability, the drone does a really great job. We had to use the warp stabiliser only on a couple of the shots.

Overall it was a delightful experience considering this being our first time flying a drone. Various other reviews out there including Philip Bloom recommends to shoot 2.5k instead of 4k due to its compression rate. We are yet to use the drone to its full capabilities and try to hit the sweet spot with this one. Definitely a lot of potential.

Music used: Ludovico Einaudi – Petricor