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Short film: Lensman

Words by Thomas Jose
for New Wave Productions


‘Story is the hero’, subtlety is the sidekick.

The short film Lensman shows to prove this. The honesty and passion of the Artist/Photographer Ammar Al Attar reveals itself as his calm voice slowly unfolds the story. A narrative, quite rich in colour thematically and visually, reminiscent of the days of classic film photography.

Lensman 1

We see the sprawling countryside through the film roll of the artist’s beautiful mechanical Leica. As a special treat, the POV shifts to reveal dynamically composed video portraits. He lends us his eyes as he leans in for his shot and just before he snaps the shutter, we step away, out of respect. A moment, that is rather intimate for a passionate photographer. The elegance of the film making is clearly evident with such choices.

The film treats its subjects with subtle moments that lends to the cinematic approach. A film for the country of UAE and presented by Mercedes Benz showcases these as a sort of supporting cast, in a suave, yet powerful manner. The shots of the bullfight, clearly puts the idea of pure beastly muscle, a smooth move when its cut to the shots of the Mercedes GLS, a very muscular beast indeed. The cinematography is the driving force behind the film, a strong visual base which complements the real stars of the film, the man, his home, and his machine.

Lensman 2

The road trip, drops us off with a motivating feeling. A gentle reminder to stop, slow down and look around. To forget about the hurry, the urgency and to be a spectator to the little moments, always weaving stories around us.   

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